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Targetti - Illuminotecnica

“Dialogue with Massimo Iarussi”;
“The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Volterra”
In: ”Light of Florence”, published by Targetti Sankey, Florence 2019
pages 20-23; 84-99

An interview with Massimo Iarussi and the description of one of his projects, in a volume that contains the most prestigious experiences of the historic Targetti lighting company in the artistic heritage sector.

Pubblicazioni Massimo Iarussi Progetto illuminazione Opera del Duomo Firenze

Natalini Architetti, Guicciardini & Magni Architetti
“Rediscovered Architecture”
Mandragora Editore, Florence 2016

The troubled history of the reconstruction of the ancient facade designed by Arnolfo di Cambio for the Cathedral of Florence, reproduced in the “Paradise Hall”, the fulcrum of the new layout of the “Opera del Duomo Museum”.

Massimo Iarussi - Articolo sul progetto di Illuminazione del MuSeo dell'Opera del Duomo di Firenze

Timothy Verdon
“The New Opera del Duomo Museum”
Mandragora Editore, Florence 2015

The description and analysis of the rooms of the new Opera del Duomo Museum and the wonderful artworks housed in them, pleasantly narrated by Msgr. Timothy Verdon, director of the museum.

Pubblicazioni Massimo Iarussi. Illuminazione Museale

Massimo Iarussi
“Il progetto di illuminazione” (“The Lighting Design”)
In: “La costruzione di un museo” (“Building a museum”),
curated by Natalini Architetti, Guicciardini & Magni Architetti
Published by CMB, Florence 2015

The description of the lighting project of the Opera del Duomo Museum in Florence, in the context of the entire process of building the museum.

Pubblicazioni Massimo Iarussi - Progetto Illuminazione Uffizi Firenze

Massimo Iarussi
“Il progetto della luce nei Nuovi Uffizi” (“The lighting design for the New Uffizi”)
In: “Cantiere Uffizi”,
curated by Roberto Cecchi and Antonio Paolucci,
pp. 339–346
Gangemi Editore, Rome 2007

The genesis of the “New Uffizi”, the grandiose expansion project of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Manuale di Illuminazione Massimo Iarussi

Massimo Iarussi
“Grandezze fotometriche” (“Photometric quantities”);
“Apparecchi illuminanti” (“Lighting fixtures”)

In: “Manuale di Illuminazione” (“Lighting Handbook”),
curated by: Pietro Palladino,
pp. 2.1 – 2.20; 16.1 – 16.72
Edizioni Tecniche Nuove, Milan 2005

The reference book for professionals in the sector in Italy.

Pubblicazioni Massimo Iarussi - Illuminazione Desiderio da Settignano

“Desiderio da Settignano: the discovery of grace in Renaissance sculpture”
curated by: Marc Bormand, Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi, Nicholas Penny
Alinea Editrice, Florence 2007

Catalog of the exhibition that took place in Florence in 2007.

The Art of Display Magazine

“A cielo aperto: (s)punti di luce a Milano” (“Lights in the blue”)
In: “L’’arte di mettere in mostra” (“The Art of Display”),
curated by: Laura Lazzaroni and Luca Molinari,
pp. 152–160
Skira Editore, Milan 2006

The book collects some of the most important exhibitions organized over the years alongside the fair events of the Salone del Mobile. Among these is the “Lights in the blue” event, for which Massimo Iarussi with Paola Urbano has signed an installation.

Progetto illuminazione Forte di Bard

“Forte di Bard. Storia di un’avventura” (“Forte di Bard. Story of an adventure”)
Photographs by Gianfranco Roselli
Texts by Maurizio Tropeano
Edizioni Finbard, Aosta 2005

History of the grandiose restoration project of the Bard Fortress.

Luci a cielo aperto

Matteo Vercelloni
“Via dei Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro” (“Street of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher”)

In: “Milano, Luci a cielo aperto” (“Milan, Lights in the blue),
pp. 58–75
Edizioni Charta, Milan 2005

Story of the installation created by Massimo Iarussi and Paola Urbano, as part of “Lights in the blue”, the initiative that took place in Milan for the 2005 edition of Euroluce.

Illuminazione sette piazze per il centro storico Firenze

“Sette piazze per il centro storico” (“Seven squares for the historic center”)
Published by: Comune di Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), 2005

Catalog of the exhibition of the projects participating in the national competition of ideas “Sette piazze per il centro storico”(“Seven squares for the historic center”), announced by the municipality of Savignano sul Rubicone, in which the group consisting of Lamberto Rossi, Paolo Zilli, Marco Tarabella and Massimo Iarussi obtained a Mention of Merit.

massimo Iarussi - Progetto illuminazione dei nuovi Uffizi Firenze

“Il progetto dei Nuovi Uffizi” (“The New Uffizi Project”)
Gangemi Editore, Rome 2004

Volume for the press conference for the presentation of the New Uffizi project which was held in Florence on February 24, 2004.

Illuminazione dalla Chiesa al Museo

“Dalla chiesa al museo” (“From church to museum”)
Curated by Domenica Primerano
Edizioni Museo Diocesano Tridentino, Trento 2004

Liturgical furnishings from the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta in the Villa Lagarina section of the Tridentino Diocesan Museum.

Progetto illuminazione museo Diocesano Tridentino

Massimo Iarussi
“Il progetto della luce” (“The lighting design”)
In: “Il museo diocesano tridentino” (“The Tridentine Diocesan Museum”),
curated by Domenica Primerano
pp. 51 – 54
Edizioni Museo Diocesano Tridentino, Trento 1996

The extension and refurbishment project of the Tridentine Diocesan Museum of Trento.

Pubblicazioni Massimo Iarussi Lux Europa

Massimo Iarussi, Roberto Casalone
“Leonardo Last Supper illumination”
In: Proceedings of the conference “Luxeuropa 93, the VIIth European Light Conference”,
Vol. I, pp. 79–86
Edinburgh (UK) 1993

Speech at the 1993 Luxeuropa conference, on the creation of an experimental lighting system with light guides, for the lighting of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper.

Luce per l'Uomo - Pubblicazione Massimo Iarussi

Massimo Iarussi
“L’illuminazione del David di Michelangelo e della Galleria dell’Accademia a Firenze: creatività e tecnologia per un laboratorio aperto” (“The lighting of Michelangelo’s David and the Accademia Gallery in Florence: creativity and technology for an open laboratory”)
In: “Luce per l’uomo: arte, scienza, economia” (“Light for human beings: art, science, economy”),
In: Proceedings of the 4° AIDI international conference, Taormina 24 – 26 October 1990
Vol. I, pp. 51–58,
Published by AIDI, Italian Lighting Association, Milan 1990

The presentation of the first draft of the lighting project for the Michelangelo’s David at the 1990 AIDI international conference