The light, you know, must be designed. And everybody offers lighting designs: producers, promoters, resellers, installers.

Gratis, for free.

That is, they don’t get paid. Nothing. And since nothing is too little, this means that they actually get paid indirectly. By saving on the quality of design.

Or by prescribing more expensive materials, even if inadequate.

Or by providing flat and standardized solutions.

Designing is a professional practice, based on the trusted relationship established between designer and client. This relationship can work only if the designer is independent. Only a really independent designer can guarantee the interests of their clients.

Of course, professionals cost, but their price is widely repaid in terms of budget abidance, of saving in the costs of energy and maintenance, of meeting the specific needs of clients and, finally, of design quality.

So, why asking for a gratis design when you can pay it?

Why not leave producers produce, installers install, and designers design?

(Manifesto of APIL, Associazione Professionisti dell’Illuminazione – Association of Lighting Professionals, 1998)

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