Hot air


I would like to stand up for a product that is often frowned upon – ‘hot air’.

‘Hot air’ specialists are often spoken about in disparaging terms, and the exceptionally evolved form of professionalism that their field of expertise requires is ignored.

If need be, anyone can deal in hot air; and invariably, we all add some to our own work. But we add it around the edges, often with an amatorial and superficial approach, just to add a finishing touch to our labors.

On the contrary, a true hot-air specialist—one that has made the production and sale of hot air their sole professional activity and that knows no other trade—has to put an unimaginable amount of dedication and competence into their work. The invention, planning, creation, and perfection of hot air, not to mention its distribution in quantities that can satisfy global markets, all require in depth training and, of course, a good deal of natural talent. After all, my homeland can boast hot air among its widely recognized traditional products.

So if you decide to purchase some hot air, go to experienced professionals. Otherwise, you might get ripped off…

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