We’re all bakers


“We’re all bakers” was the title of an imaginary TV program that, in an advertisement of some years ago, taught the art of pastry-making. The protagonist of the spot, trying to put the show’s lessons into practice, always ended up in a jam – literally. Dusted with flour head to toe, or trapped in the chicken-run while he tried to extort an egg from the chickens. At last, the poor wretch wisely decided to go buy himself ready-made cookies.

The do-it-yourself is always a strong temptation. For many reasons – because you want to save, or because you have fun at it or, more frequently, because in the end you think you are better than a pro. No harm done, provided one recognizes the limits given by common sense.

When talking about light the temptation is even stronger, so much so that I’m often reminded of that fictional program in my everyday job. I don’t understand the reason why, but when the talk is about light, everyone craves of engaging in the subject just like the poor wannabe baker. Everyone feels legitimated to have a say and to come out with solutions and technical stratagems which, most of the times, simply cannot stand up. Maybe it’s because we’re all basically able to screw in a lightbulb, as well as we’re all able to make an apple pie on Sundays. Provided we don’t complain if we get trapped in the chicken-run.

(Published in the column “Il corsivo di Oscuro”, in Luce e Design, n. 5/2007)

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