Cathedral of St. Ciriaco, Ancona

Cathedral of St. Ciriaco, Ancona, Italy
Client: Studio Sauli, Firenze
Lighting Designer: Arch. Massimo Iarussi con Ing. Alessandro Sauli
Electrical Engineer: Ing. Alessandro Sauli
Photographs by: Alessandro Sauli

The Cathedral of St. Ciriaco in Ancona dominates the city from a unique scenic position, on top of the Guasco hill, facing the sea. Imposing Romanesque construction in the shape of a Greek cross, it has Byzantine influences and Gothic cues that reflect the long period of construction.
The lighting project had to take into account the extraordinary value of the site and the need to allow the volumes to be read both at an architectural and landscape level. They wanted light to intervene as a very discreet element, limiting itself to underlining what is already present in the architecture.
The lighting is based on differentiated levels, with sober and discreet contrasts, clearly perceptible but not necessarily dramatic. The façade is illuminated by two batteries of projectors, placed in two very lateral and symmetrical points. To achieve the best results in terms of beam control, luminaires equipped with ceramic burner metal halide lamps with built-in reflector have been adopted. The front of the prothyrum is in the shade, while the beautiful arches of the prothyrum have been illuminated with small luminaires hidden behind the tie bar.