Fortress of Bard

Fortress of Bard, Italy
Client: Finbard Spa
Lighting Designer: Arch. Massimo Iarussi
Electrical Engineer: Ing. Maurizio Saggese

The Fortress of Bard stands on a cliff that is the natural gateway to the Aosta Valley, and has been the subject of a vast recovery project, which has made it the center of sorting and reception of the flow of tourists to the region.
The lighting project aims to make the grandeur of the architecture speak for itself. It is characterized by very moderate illuminance levels and the absence of strong contrasts on the surfaces. Basic lighting has been created with spotlights placed at a distance, supplemented by reinforcement lighting aimed at emphasizing the succession of sloping works, typical of military architecture.
The reinforcement lighting of the minor works has been accomplished by intervening from each of the works towards the front immediately upstream, with small fibre optic projectors camouflaged on the gutter channels of each body. To set the projectors, clamp supports have been realized on a design, attached to the support brackets of the gutter channel. The reinforcement lighting of the main work was achieved with linear fluorescent projectors placed on the head of the wall.
The lighting was programmed for different scenarios, corresponding to the various situations and necessities of the Fortress.