Grand Rolin, Autun

Progetto Illuminazione museale di Massimo Iarussi per il Museo Rolin (Autun-Francia)

Grand Rolin: International competition for the redevelopment of the Rolin Museum in Autun, France
Client: Comune di Autun, Francia
Architects: Guicciardini & Magni Architetti con Alessandro Vicari
Heritage Architect: Christian Laporte
Lighting Designer: Arch. Massimo Iarussi
Structural Engineers: Gec Ingenierie
Electrical Engineer: Ing. Luca Sani
Graphic Designers: Rovai Weber Design
Multimedia Project: Innovision

The project qualified among the five admitted to the second phase of the competition

Grand Rolin is the title of the international competition held in 2019 for the redevelopment of the Rolin Museum and its expansion to the two adjacent buildings: the Palace of Justice and the panoptic prison of the 19th century, the only example of a circular prison in France. The project involved the construction of a lookout on the top of the prison, from which it would have been possible to discover the surrounding landscape.
In our proposal, at night the glass roof of the illuminated terrace becomes a “lantern”, a reference point for the whole city, while the lighting of the hall has increasing intensity: from the central body of the ancient prison the light radiates towards the buildings surrounding, towards the city, towards the territory.