Verrès Castle

Verrès Castle, Italy
Client: Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta
Lighting Designer: Arch. Massimo Iarussi

The Castle of Verrès stands at the top of the rocky peak overlooking the village. Built in the last decade of the 14th century, it is an extraordinary example of a mono-bloc castle. Its mighty bulk underlines its purely military character, while the monumental stone staircase on rampant arches denounces the excellence of the workers who built it.
The consultancy given to the Aosta Valley Region for the lighting project, mainly concerned the intervention in the interiors. For the rooms, a chandelier of traditional design was created, equipped with technological lighting bodies. The monumental staircase is illuminated with projecting torches, designed to be decorated with traditional banners, during the historical Carnival events that take place here every year.