Tridentine Diocesan Museum, Villalagarina

Tridentine Diocesan Museum, Villalagarina, Italy
Client: Arcidiocesi di Trento
Exhibition Designer: Arch. Vittoria Wolf
Lighting Designer: Arch. Massimo Iarussi

The lighting project for the Tridentine Diocesan Museum in Villalagarina (TN) involved the development of a number of luminaires and special features.
For the display cases of the vestments, luminaires for fluorescent lamps have been designed, recessed in the base and in the ceiling case, and equipped with a linear refractor that has the function of channelling the luminous flux precisely towards the vertical surface of the vestments. The profile of the refractor has been elaborated through computerized simulations, in order to obtain the maximum vertical uniformity. The refractor is made of polycarbonate, and completely filters out ultraviolet radiation.
For cases intended for small objects (lace and prints), a fiber optic system has been designed, equipped with a diffusing linear bar, which eliminates the exaggerated contrasts and marked shadows typical of traditional fiber optic systems when used at close distances.