The Monumental Corridors – The New Uffizi, Florence

The Monumental Corridors – The New Uffizi, Florence
Client: SINTER Srl
Lighting Designer: Arch. Massimo Iarussi

Other sections already completed of the New Uffizi Project:

The Monumental Corridors that run along the loggias on the second floor of the Vasarian building of the Uffizi, constitute the first nucleus of the Uffizi Gallery, from which the very concept of a modern museum originated. They house the collection of Greek and Roman sculptures begun by Lorenzo the Magnificent in the mid-‘500. At the top, on the walls, there are portraits of the huge collection “Gioviana”, which collects the portraits of countless characters of the time. The vaulted ceilings are decorated with fine grotesque motifs, with allegorical and mythological figures.
A linear wall profile has been designed that combines indirect lighting towards the vaults with direct lighting for the paintings. In the lower part of the profile are inserted punctual projectors for the lighting of the sculptures and linear elements to illuminate the walls.
The profile is also used for the channeling of the numerous technological systems: sound diffusion, surveillance, smoke detectors, etc.