Galleria Sabauda, Turin

“Another harmony: masters of the renaissance in Piedmont”, Galleria Sabauda, Turin, Italy
2016 – 2017
Client: Arch. Lorenzo Greppi
Exhibition Designer: Arch. Lorenzo Greppi
Lighting Designer: Arch. Massimo Iarussi
Photographs by: Barbara Corsico

The new exhibition dedicated to the Masters of the Renaissance in Piedmont, organized in a succession of thematic “rooms” on the ground floor of the “Galleria Sabauda”, the Savoy Gallery of the Royal Museums of Turin, aims to tell a fundamental moment in the history of art in the area, from the mid 1300s until the advent of Mannerism.
The lighting accompanies the story of the exhibition and contributes to the dialogue between the works, among themselves and with the architecture. Narrow beams of light decisively contrast the dark color of the wooden sculptures, enhancing their three-dimensionality, while the paintings are illuminated in a canonical way, favoring uniformity and taking the utmost care to avoid the risk of reflections, which is very important due to their large size. The tomb slab exposed vertically at the entrance is illuminated in a grazing way, to make the bas-relief more legible. The severe monumental architecture acts as a background, keeping itself in the backdrop, thanks to a very mild, only reflected lighting.