Archeological Museum, Aosta

Regional Archeological Museum, Aosta, Italy
2008 – 2012
Client: Regione Autonoma della Valle d’Aosta
Lighting Designer: Arch. Massimo Iarussi, with arch. Roberto Rosset and Metec & Saggese Srl
Electrical Engineers: Metec & Saggese Srl

The Regional Archeological Museum of Aosta exhibits prestigious evidence, from the Prehistoric to the Medieval age, of human civilization in the Valdostan region.
The building, known as the former Challant Barracks, also houses temporary exhibition both on the first and second floor, and archaeological excavations in the underground.
Completed in 2012, the lighting project has required the building of a new ceiling, in order to hide electrical wiring without interfering with the existing air conditioning system.
The studio composed a flexible and modular lighting scheme: each ceiling module has been designed with an embedded recessed luminaire and a track segment for track luminaires.
Each module has also been equipped with a rapid mounting connection system for faster repositioning.
The ceiling shape has been designed to be separated from the perimeter walls in order to install a cove lighting system for a soft ambient illumination.